"Business has a responsibility beyond its financial obligations to shareholders. Profitable growth depends on the triple bottom line – economic, social and environmental responsibility. At ACCSR we don’t just reduce and avoid risk for our clients, we create value and improve performance. I aspire to continue to create value in all my work with ACCSR." Rebecca Jinks, Senior Consultant

Rebecca Jinks

Senior Consultant

Rebecca is a Senior Consultant with ACCSR. Her work focuses on embedding sustainability and CSR concepts and practices into business operations. Her extensive working knowledge of sustainability principles and how they interact with business objectives was developed from many years working as a client advocate and embedded resource across financial, government and manufacturing industries. Previously, Rebecca worked in the property industry with national and global clients to achieve meaningful behaviour change to realise sustainable outcomes. She has been instrumental in driving change from conception to implementation including resource efficiency, sustainable supply chain management, environmental, risk management and reporting projects.

Rebecca is our climate change subject matter expert. She leads our climate change risk and mitigation service line to support clients in identifying risk exposure to their assets and investments, and exposure to director’s liability. She has a strong background in mitigation and adaptation plan development to overcome these risks in the property and investment industry specifically.

Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science (Environmental) from the University of Melbourne and is completing a Masters of Environmental Management and Sustainability at Monash University. She is also the co-convenor of the United Nations Association of Australia (Victoria) Young Professionals and a Victorian Board member.