Paul Hohnen, Senior International Associate

Paul Hohnen

Senior International Associate

Paul Hohnen is an international sustainability consultant, speaker and author based in Amsterdam. A former Australian diplomat, he has worked intensively with the UN, with NGOs and with business on sustainable development issues since 1989 and has an extensive track record on identifying emerging global business issues. Paul encourages the development of policy coalitions between business, labour and NGOs that explore pragmatic policy options to fast-track progress towards sustainable development.

Paul has developed a reputation as a gifted facilitator, reflecting his three-decade diplomatic and international conference experience. He specialises in multi-stakeholder discussions on issues such as sustainable development and CSR.

Paul has served on the OECD Expert Panel on CSR, worked extensively for the GRI and the UN Global Compact, and participated in the International Organization for Standardisation’s Working Group on Social Responsibility to develop a global standard for social responsibility.