Dr Robert Boutilier, Senior International Associate

Dr Robert Boutilier

Senior International Associate

Dr Robert Boutilier is a researcher, author, and president of Boutilier & Associates, a social research consultancy. He is also an associate of the Centre for Sustainable Community Development at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, and of the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Melbourne. Robert has conducted workshops on stakeholder relations for managers in over 20 countries and is a regular conference speaker. He has published three books and over a dozen scholarly journal articles and book chapters on topics in issues management, social psychology, and stakeholder relations.

Dr. Boutilier has conducted stakeholder mapping research at over 45 resource extraction and infrastructure projects on four continents in nine languages. He combines his system for measuring the levels of social capital in an organisation’s relationships with its stakeholders and among the stakeholders themselves (i.e., the Stakeholder 360®) with a standardised measure of the social licence to operate. He produces strategic recommendations aimed at reducing a company’s socio-political risk and raising its level of social licence. He works together with ACCSR to help clients develop quality stakeholder relationships and engagement strategies.