"The opportunity to make a positive difference to the impact of business on society is at the heart of my passion for our work at ACCSR. I aspire to the qualities of ‘servant leadership’ in my work with clients and my team, and in the transformation I seek in business and society relations." Dr Leeora Black, Managing Director

Dr Leeora Black

Managing Director

Leeora D. Black, PhD, our founder and managing director, is a globally recognised CSR and sustainability expert and has more than 30 years’ experience in helping organisations adapt to their changing environments.

A driving force in the field of corporate social responsibility in Australia, Leeora is known for her pioneering work on stakeholder engagement, as much as her ability to analyse and solve complex CSR and management issues.

Leeora works with senior managers and executive teams to create effective corporate and stakeholder strategies and build management capabilities. She is passionate about nurturing the development of the CSR profession and she works to transfer knowledge and skills to facilitate continuous improvement for clients and colleagues both during and after engagements.

Leeora is highly sought-after as a speaker and facilitator of workshops and seminars on CSR and a widely-published author of books, articles and blogs. She is the author of The Social Licence to Operate: Your Management Framework for Complex Times, Do Sustainability Publishers, Oxford, 2013.

Leeora is responsible for all aspects of ACCSR’s direction, strategy and services. With a background in journalism, corporate communications and advisory, Leeora undertook her doctorate in corporate social responsibility through the Department of Management at Monash University before establishing ACCSR in 2003. Her doctoral research pioneered new methods of CSR measurement, and established her reputation for application of rigorous social sciences research methods to the traditionally ‘soft’ areas of organisation-stakeholder relationship management.

Her experience spans the mining, oil and gas industries, banking, insurance and superannuation, FMCG, agribusiness, retail and consumer brands, utilities, telecommunications, renewable energy, property, automotive, transport, and government sectors.

Leeora is a member of the Advisory Council on Corporate Responsibility at National Australia Bank and a member of the External Advisory Board of La Trobe Business School. Her vision is for corporate social responsibility to become integrated into business as normal operating procedure.

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