CSR Strategy

“ACCSR (has) provided essential advice and guidance throughout our sustainability journey so far.”
Paul Stern, Kathmandu

We work with organisations of all types to help them develop or refine their strategy for incorporating CSR and sustainability into their business plans. Our collaborative approach will help you answer the questions – What does CSR mean for our organisation? How can we action it? What are our strengths and opportunities, and what are the gaps we might need to address?

A strategic approach can be the key to bring cohesiveness to separate, and sometimes competing, initiatives across different parts of your business. It can guide your decisions about where best to invest your efforts. A strategic perspective will enable you to set meaningful goals, measure performance and align your social actions and intentions to your core business. It’s essential for making CSR a value driver for your business.

We use a range of tools and techniques to provide strategic advice on CSR that is customised for your business or organisation. We take into account your unique circumstances and the sustainability issues confronting your industry or sector. We bring a stakeholder focus to bear to ensure that your strategy encompasses the issues that are most pertinent for your business.

We provide advice in: 

  • CSR and sustainability strategy
  • Stakeholder and community engagement strategy
  • Social licence strategy
  • Creating shared value
  • Sustainable supply chain strategy
  • Human rights advisory
  • Climate change mitigation strategy
  • Waste management strategy

Contact us to find out how we can help you manage risks and create value in the following areas.

Sustainable Supply Chains: Organisations which experience major CSR-related supply chain shocks can suffer up to a 20% fall in share price, which can take up to two years to recover, with severe damage to reputation and the business bottom line. We can help you avoid this risk. 

Read our White Paper on Five First Steps to a Sustainable Supply Chain.

Human Rights: What do you know about the human rights risks in your business? Unexpected risks arising from human rights abuses by contractors and sub-contractors, or from operations in developing nations, or even from investments and lending have all impacted major businesses in recent years. In an age of increasing transparency, the need to identify and manage those risks has never been greater. 

Read our report on Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Read our blog Human Rights in the Supply Chain

Community and Shared Value: Create shared value and innovate by engaging communities and stakeholders to address community needs and grow your business. A shared value approach can create new opportunities for companies, civil society organisations, and governments, leveraging the power of market-based competition to address social problems.

Waste strategy: A waste strategy will form that base of your organisations coherent, long-term approach to waste management. ACCSR will work collaboratively with you to develop targets to meet your business goals and a plan to realise these targets. This may include:

  • Product stewardship
  • Waste avoidance and reduction initiatives
  • Sustainable waste procurement policies
  • Behaviour change programs to engage your workforce and meet your social responsibility
  • And more!

“ACCSR’s work answered some key questions and enabled us to make evidence-based decisions about the governance of our charitable company. They produced a high quality piece of work in a very tight time-frame. It was a good experience dealing with them.”
Ian Wood, Vice President Community Relations and Sustainability, BHP Billiton