CSR Assessment

“ACCSR took a capacity building approach. Communication was always open so we were able to stay on the same page within tight timeframes. The dedication to the cause was really impressive.  The project (assessing the community investment portfolio) has given us the ability to look forward … and gave us evidence for new approaches; enabling us to have a seat at the table and engage in more meaningful conversations within the business.” 
Danielle Sebbens, Community & Sustainability Strategy Manager, Insurance Australia Group

We provide organisations with a sound basis for their decision-making through benchmarking against best practice and peers, and by giving them a deeper insight into the perceptions and expectations of their stakeholders, and how their sustainability risks and stakeholder relationships can impact their success.

When your reputation, your share price, or even your ability to operate, depends on having the support of communities, customers, partners, your workforce and others, it is vital to understand the views of these stakeholders and their expectations about your performance.

We helped to develop the Stakeholder 360® tool which has been successfully used in dozens of organisations in Australia and internationally to reduce risk and improve decision-making. The method uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis to map stakeholder relationships and issues and to measure an organisation’s social capital. Read case studies about how the Stakeholder 360® has assisted other organisations.

We have deep experience in stakeholder research and analysis to support risk management, program evaluation, strategy development, and performance reporting. The unique tools we develop for our clients support their performance management long after our assignment is completed.

Our CSR assessment services will:

  • Measure stakeholder support
  • Benchmark your performance
  • Assess material sustainability issues for your organisation
  • Assess the sustainability of your supply chain
  • Measure your social licence to operate
  • Assessment impact
  • Support program evaluation and strategy development
  • Climate change and risk mitigation

Benchmarking: Want to understand how your organisation stacks up against competitors and peers? Want to understand what best practice looks like and how can you achieve it? Our customised benchmarking studies provide useful insights to uncover improvement opportunities and to set performance goals.

Stakeholder 360®: When you operate in an issues-rich environment, you need to understand how those issues affect your activities and what risks they bring. We assess stakeholder perceptions and risks using the Stakeholder 360®, a stakeholder research and engagement framework, to help you improve your strategic decision-making, develop effective CSR strategies and identify opportunities to reduce socio-political risk. 

Social Licence to Operate: ACCSR is at the forefront of global research into social licence measurement. The social licence is the level of acceptance or approval continually granted to an organisation’s operations or project by the local community and other stakeholders. Your organisation’s measure of social licence directly relates to the level of socio-political risk your organisation, or particular operation, faces. 

Climate change and risk mitigation: Under the Corporations Act 2001, director’s duties to shareholders include understanding market-based risk. That entails understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change on your operations caused. There has never been a more crucial time to identify your company’s climate risks.

“ACCSR demonstrated expertise in research design and questionnaire development, as well as in their high quality data analysis and reporting skills. The project helped establish … the design principles for the [Responsible Steel Certification] scheme. We were also able to broaden our list of stakeholders enabling a wider range of constructive input to the scheme development.”
Ross Davies, President, Steel Stewardship Forum

“ACCSR added value by helping us identify material issues using a sound and systematic approach, engaging both internal and external stakeholders. This provided a strong platform to advance our strategy.”
Client, Company