Our Approach

“One of ACCSR’s biggest strengths is their ability to take the time to listen and understand their clients’ business needs, and provide effective and relevant practical counsel, which makes them capable of making a positive difference – this is what makes them unique.”

Our first step in every assignment is to find out what CSR and business issues confront your organisation and what you want to achieve. We tailor our services to achieve the outcomes you are seeking, whether you are focused on stakeholder engagement, or your next sustainability report. We’ll recommend an approach that will best meet your needs and we’ll ensure it’s based on sound evidence. Our services extend from assessment of your current activities, strategy and advice, right through to understanding and reporting your performance.

Our long and respected track record in innovative and applied CSR approaches and research means that our advice is based on sound knowledge and solid experience.

CSR Assessment

How does your CSR or sustainability approach stack up against your competitors? What are the key material issues for your business? How do your stakeholders see your performance? Are you getting the most value from your partnerships? Are you managing climate risks or socio-political risks from stakeholder activism? Our CSR assessment services use rigorous and validated research methods to answer these questions. Combined with our other offerings, CSR assessments can help you develop or refine strategy and support your reporting. Learn more about our assessment work with Glencore Coal Assets and IAG.

CSR Strategy 

Can you answer fundamental CSR questions such as ‘Where should we be going?’, ‘What have we got to work with?’, ‘What does success look like?’, ‘What are our unique opportunities?’, ‘How do we use the SDGs to ramp up our strategy?’ and ‘What is our Shared Value sweet spot?’ Work collaboratively with us to answer these questions and uncover and leverage your unique capabilities. Learn more about our strategy work with Telstra, Western Refractories, and Clubs NSW

CSR Reporting 

You want to produce a best practice sustainability report to measure your performance, drive improvements in your business and promote your achievements but don’t know where to start? Baffled by the number of international frameworks for sustainability reporting? Do you want to incorporate the Sustainable development Goals into your report or apply the Integrated Reporting framework? Do you need support to report to the DJSI, NGERS, the UNPRI or GRESB? Or you want to take your current report from good to great? We can help. Learn more about our reporting capability with Crown Resorts and RMIT University.

 For a discussion with one of our consultants, contact us to work through your specific needs.

ACCSR is Australia’s leading CSR consultancy with unparalleled insights into CSR practices by corporates across Australia and New Zealand.

“What ACCSR brings is specialist knowledge – ACCSR can show people a different way of doing things – this is the way we saw them have a significant impact.”
Merrill Gray, Managing Director, Syngas Limited