Xstrata Coal

Measuring the social licence to operate

“The research carried out by ACCSR gave us a baseline of our social licence to operate and provided unique insight into our stakeholders’ issues and connections. We have since recommended ACCSR’s Stakeholder 360® research to others.”
Sara Parrott, Manager – Community Relations, Xstrata Coal (now part of Glencore)

Our in-depth report gave Xstrata Coal Queensland insights that they might not otherwise have been able to discover into how stakeholders perceived their organisation. For the first time, the organisation could see a map of the issues of importance to stakeholders and how those issues were linked together; the report also included network mapping of stakeholder organisations, enabling Xstrata Coal management to identify possible areas of collaboration.


The Client Challenge

Xstrata Coal in Queensland, part of the global Xstrata mining group, wanted to build its social licence to operate – the level of acceptance or approval granted to their operations or projects by the local community and other stakeholders.

To do so, it first needed to understand the level of social licence granted to it by stakeholders, as well as their perceptions of its environmental, social and economic performance. The miner also wanted to understand how stakeholder organisations were related to each other, to highlight opportunities for collaborating with those organisations.

Our Approach

Our bespoke Stakeholder 360® methodology was used to explore not only the issues of importance to stakeholders but also the quality of relations between Xstrata Coal and its stakeholders.
We interviewed nearly 800 stakeholders over a three-month period, representing organisations from a variety of sectors, including government, business, education and the environment. We also spoke to landholders and members of the community around the mines to understand their perspectives.

We worked with both corporate and community relations staff to transfer knowledge and ensure that insights were practical. Xstrata Coal employees were then empowered to build on our findings and develop strategies to address issues identified by the project.  We also generated actionable recommendations and developed metrics to track the effectiveness of strategies that were implemented.

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