Wrigley Pacific

“Wrigley Pacific partnered with ACCSR to produce our annual sustainability report using a robust assessment framework to review our impacts. Their expertise and service delivery were exceptional, leading us to deliver our best Pacific sustainability report to date and advance our measurement practices.”
Sophie Hughes, Senior Manager Corporate Affairs, Wrigley Pacific

We helped our client to deliver a robust, high-quality sustainability report, which brought greater disclosure of both performance metrics and broader sustainability issues into a more cohesive structure than previously. The process provided insights into Wrigley Pacific’s material issues for future reporting as well as the effectiveness and readiness of data collection systems. It also enabled Wrigley Pacific to identify additional ways to measure performance, monitor progress within the business and drive wider stakeholder engagement.

The Client Challenge

Wrigley Pacific is the local subsidiary of the privately-owned, global food company Mars Incorporated. Wrigley Pacific’s gum, mint and confectionary products include well-known brands EXTRA®, AIRWAVES, STARBURST® and SKITTLES®.

Wrigley Pacific had been producing its own sustainability report – the Principles in Action Summary – for several years, while its parent company also has a well-developed sustainability strategy and report. The Mars sustainability strategy covers all global business segments and sets ambitious reduction targets. In order to report on its own progress against these targets, engage stakeholders and align more closely with Mars’ approach to reporting, Wrigley Pacific sought to review its sustainability report using global best practice.

The objective of the project was to give Wrigley Pacific’s Principles in Action summary a more rigorous methodology to drive performance management and greater disclosure to stakeholders.

Our Approach

We used global best practice reporting frameworks to review the previous report, conduct a materiality analysis and identify potential performance indicators for reporting. Engaging with key data owners within the business, we developed the report content and worked with the design team to finalise the Principles in Action Summary. At the end of the project, we provided Wrigley Pacific with a report detailing opportunities for improvement, with recommendations about data collection, internal engagement and reporting strategy.