Western Refractories Sustainability Plan

“The whole process was well put together. I wanted something that would help our customers in their downstream impacts and position us as preferred suppliers, and now I feel like I’ve got what I need to do that.”
Jimmy McGregor, Managing Director, Western Refractories

We worked with Western Refractories to develop its first sustainability plan that addresses the company’s social, environmental, supply chain and governance practices.  

The client challenge

Western Refractories is a family-owned, science-based manufacturing business providing assay consumables to the gold industry and laboratories that service gold mining. Like many small to medium sized manufacturers, Western Refractories sits in the supply chain of larger global companies who increasingly expect their suppliers to demonstrate positive sustainability impacts. It had become essential for Western Refractories to have a robust sustainability plan in order to drive sustainable growth, compete for contracts and build competitive advantage.

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Our approach

We conducted a gap analysis and a customer expectation appraisal to determine which CSR issues were most material for the sustainability plan, using common sustainable supply chain criteria. We provided clear recommendations for a comprehensive and relevant sustainability plan and worked closely with Western Refractories and its other advisers to address customer expectations as well as internal priorities. We developed an Environmental Policy and a Supply Chain Policy, coupled with recommendations on best practice and metrics to monitor environmental and supply chain impacts. To complete the project, we produced a CSR brochure for marketing use and content for the Western Refractories website.