Teys Australia

Sustainability reporting and mentoring

“In 2013, Teys Australia partnered with ACCSR, to help better structure, demonstrate and communicate our credentials as a responsible corporate citizen. They also worked as a mentor to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) function, in producing our first internal sustainability report. Their expertise and effectiveness in guiding our efforts, provided significant value for our organisation and we are now in the process of preparing a public sustainability report. We hope to work with ACCSR again, as they are truly a driving force of CSR in Australia”
Tom Maguire, General Manager Corporate Services, Teys Australia

We worked with Teys Australia, a major agricultural business, to help it create value through strengthening relationships with customers, enhancing employee engagement, reducing commercial risk, and building its brand and social license in the communities where it operates.

The Client Challenge

Teys Australia, one of Australia’s largest meat processing companies with operations in Queensland and NSW, came to ACCSR knowing that it needed to address changing expectations around sustainable agricultural and food supply practices. With a growing global push for ‘sustainable beef’, Teys needed to demonstrate its credentials in this area, as well as understand where it could improve.


Our Approach

ACCSR worked with Teys over several years – firstly, to identify the key issues it faced, then to develop a CSR framework that identified strengths to build upon as well as opportunities for improvement. Benchmarking against global peers helped Teys better understand best practice while in-depth interviews with senior personnel illuminated existing perspectives and capabilities, informing the development of the CSR framework.

As a result of this work, Teys was able to commit to producing its first sustainability report, which was designed as an internal document.

We also worked with Teys as a mentor to develop the report providing advice on how to address Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) disclosures, answering questions, editing drafts and suggesting improvements. The result was an impressive report which has provided a basis for further public reporting from Teys.

The framework and the report are helping Teys to better understand and manage its impacts and to fulfil its commitment to producing more sustainable beef.