Steel Stewardship Forum

Certification for the supply chain

“ACCSR demonstrated expertise in research design and questionnaire development…high quality data analysis and reporting skills … Many stakeholders mention, unprompted, that they found the interview process very professional and enjoyable, and that ACCSR understood the subject and were skilled in explaining ideas … (The project has) reinforced and clarified earlier pre-feasibility work and helped establish the design principles for the scheme design. We were also able to broaden our list of stakeholders enabling a wider range of constructive input to the scheme development.”
Ross Davies, President, Steel Stewardship Forum

Our research provided an objective evidence base which was used by the Steel Stewardship Forum (SSF) to develop a successful supply chain certification scheme and an associated communications strategy. The project also helped SSF further understand and engage with its stakeholder network and expand interest in the scheme.

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The Client Challenge

SSF engaged ACCSR to help it develop a sustainability certification scheme for materials stewardship in the steel supply chain. For an industry representative organisation establishing a voluntary industry standard, effective stakeholder engagement was vital to ensuring the long term uptake and success of the scheme. Stakeholder research was needed to inform the development of key concepts, principles and criteria for certification. It was also an important exercise in identifying  critical success factors and risks mitigation strategies.

Our Approach

Working closely with the SSF, we designed a research project that engaged stakeholders in the scheme. Our approach to stakeholder engagement ensured a high level of participation (56 out of 58 stakeholders approached) and an ongoing interest in scheme participation. We examined barriers and motivations for sustainable practices in organisations at different stages of the steel supply chain during in-depth interviews with 56 stakeholders. We mapped the network of stakeholders, providing recommendations on criteria for the certification scheme, communications and ways to overcome barriers to adoption of the certification scheme.