Sime Darby

Global materiality analysis

“ACCSR were well organised and professional. Their insights and findings were useful to us and we have also had a positive reaction from our stakeholders, both internal and external, about the engagement process.”
Mark Wong, Head – Sustainability Reporting, Sime Darby

Our research provided solid evidence base for Sime Darby’s stakeholder engagement strategy and highlighted areas for further action. The project provided insights into the effectiveness of their current approach and has since been used to further develop stakeholder relationships. The research also helped guide the focus for the next sustainability report and ensured the materiality of its content.

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The Client Challenge

Sime Darby is a diversified conglomerate headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With business units in plantation, healthcare, energy & utilities, property, industrial and motors, a coordinated approach to sustainability is essential. The company has developed a strong sustainability strategy over the past five years, supported by robust governance structures.

Sime Darby wanted to understand stakeholders’ perceptions about the company’s most material issues, gauge perceptions of its performance and understand how stakeholders use and value their sustainability report. The insights would provide input into its business strategy and stakeholder engagement approach, guiding the development of future sustainability reporting.

Our Approach

We engaged a targeted group of key stakeholders for in-depth interviews, whose views were most influential for Sime Darby’s sustainability performance, strategy and report. The stakeholders were selected to provide perspectives across each of Sime Darby’s business units and key categories of stakeholders. They were based in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, Europe, America, and Africa. The interviews canvassed perceptions of Sime Darby’s performance and material issues.