Powerlink Queensland

Stakeholder engagement research and advice

ACCSR has worked with Powerlink Queensland since 2012 on its stakeholder engagement program.

The Client Challenge

The State Government-owned corporation owns, develops, operates and maintains the high voltage electricity transmission network in Queensland. Powerlink’s primary role is to transport bulk electricity from generators to electricity distribution networks. With a network that extends 1700km from north of Cairns to the New South Wales border, Powerlink is focused on strengthening relationships with   local communities and landholders surrounding its infrastructure.

Public attention has increasingly turned to cost of living pressures and electricity prices. Powerlink Queensland has used its stakeholder engagement approach to develop a framework for engagement with communities on this and other issues.

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Our Approach

We have partnered with Powerlink on several stakeholder research projects. This work has enabled the company to set a base line measure for its social licence to operate. This measure has been incorporated into key performance indicators to drive performance improvement.

The work with Powerlink Queensland has engaged stakeholders to advance relationships, identify important issues and track industry trends and societal expectations for service delivery. Research insights have informed stakeholder engagement policy, consumer engagement plans and corporate social responsibility reporting.