Achieving zero waste to landfill

“Waste and packaging in the retail industry uses up a lot of resources as well as contributing to our reliance on landfills. Our aim is for our retail network to recycle and repurpose all packaging materials and achieve zero-waste-to-landfill by 2018. ACCSR helped us to better understand the infrastructure that can help support us achieve our goals and provided meaningful insights to inform our strategy moving forward to achieve measurable change.”

–      Oliver Milliner, Sustainability Coordinator, Kathmandu

The challenge

Kathmandu has been working towards its 2018 zero waste to landfill target. We helped Kathmandu identify short and long-term opportunities to realise improved waste diversion and avoidance rates.

Upon engagement, Kathmandu’s portfolio stood at:

  • 161 retail stores across New Zealand & Australia
  • Two distribution centres
  • Two offices

The solution

We researched waste disposal practices in all Kathmandu locations and provided recommendations to improve waste diversion and avoidance rates, and advice for the waste improvement strategy.

These recommendations included:

  • Developing a national waste management contract to realise cost and time efficiencies
  • Identifying opportunities to work more closely with waste providers to agree on a contract that will facilitate maximum waste diversion across all stores
  • Staff education programs where recycling practices did not match the facilities available at the retail stores
  • Opportunities for collaboration with shopping centre management to find centre facility improvements
  • Development of a policy detailing the expected disposal practices of items such as fixtures and advert material.

Read about Kathmandu’s progress here.