Western Australian Department of Mines and Petroleum

“The training program with ACCSR has meant our people have been able to increase their confidence and skill in responding to stakeholder issues and needs … We are very satisfied with positive changes that have resulted from the training program.”
Michelle Andrews, Deputy Director General, WA Department of Mines and Petroleum

Participants in ACCSR’s customised training programs reported an improvement in their knowledge and capabilities in stakeholder and community engagement. Three-quarters said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the training experience and 85% agreed or strongly agreed that the facilitator well-prepared, helpful and engaging. The client also reported staff were having more conversations about and paying more attention to stakeholder engagement.

The Client Challenge

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) is WA’s regulator of minerals and energy resources. The minerals and energy sector is the State’s biggest export earner and WA is one of the great mineral provinces of the world. Strong stakeholder engagement capabilities are therefore essential for DMP to work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders and to improve community understanding of the resources sector, as well as fulfilling legal obligations in relation to safety, health and the environment.

The objective of the training program was to develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities of staff to manage, plan, implement and evaluate effective stakeholder and community relations programs.

Our Approach

We worked closely with DMP to develop an effective and empowering learning program. We undertook a pre-workshop learning needs assessment that established a baseline of knowledge and skills and identified the learning styles that would resonate best with staff. We then delivered four different training programs of either half, one or two-day’s duration, according to the needs of different types of staff. Staff completed an immediate post-training satisfaction assessment as well as another assessment one month later to track changes in knowledge and self-assessed skills and capabilities. Eighty DMP staff participated in the program.