Crown Resorts

CSR strategy and reporting

We helped Crown Resorts (Crown) to develop a CSR strategy that provides a platform to build on its significant contributions, and to deliver a world-class sustainability report.

The client challenge

Crown, Australia’s largest entertainment and resorts group, already had an impressive array of CSR initiatives across its businesses in Melbourne and Perth but realised that it needed to formalise its strategy to underpin its efforts and to help it further develop those initiatives. Crown aspires to be a model corporate citizen and recognises that a company is assessed not only on its financial performance, but also by its commitment to CSR.

crown report cover

Our approach

To help Crown develop its strategy, ACCSR conducted in-depth interviews with Crown’s senior leaders and external stakeholders. These interviews helped to illuminate the key sustainability issues for Crown and provided a perspective on the extent of CSR activity across education and training, community engagement, environmental management, and ethics and governance. They also informed the development of Crown’s CSR report.

To finalise the strategy and to pinpoint the key issues to be included in its reporting, we brought together senior Crown leaders to interrogate the results of the stakeholder engagement and to discuss priorities. After a lively discussion, the elements of the strategy became clear.

When it came to ACCSR for support, Crown had already published its first CSR report but wanted to not only ensure its next report met the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), but to improve disclosure and meet the needs of its stakeholders for more detailed information.

We advised Crown on aligning its reporting to the GRI G4 framework and advised on report structure and content, editing the report and checking content against GRI requirements.

The result is a detailed report that better reflects the scale and scope of Crown’s corporate responsibility efforts.