ClubsNSW: Guide to clubs’ social responsibilities

“A comprehensive and cutting edge resource that will stand clubs, and us in good stead. Looking forward to seeing it sent far and wide. And then used by clubs.”
Anthony Ball, CEO, ClubsNSW

We worked with ClubsNSW, the industry body for more than 1200 registered clubs in NSW, to help it support its members as they adapt to changing community expectations and the need to revitalise their organisations.

The Client Challenge

The club industry in NSW is an integral part of many communities, providing sporting, veteran welfare and entertainment facilities across the state. Clubs are also make large community investments through the ClubGRANTS program.  In recent times however, community expectations around what clubs could and should do have been changing. Demographics in some of their local communities had also changed. The challenge for clubs is to remain relevant by being more in tune with those changed expectations.


Our Approach

ClubsNSW approached ACCSR to help it support its member clubs by guiding them on community and stakeholder expectations – how to meet the social responsibilities that underpin community trust and acceptance.

Our first step was to understand the issues that clubs and their community partners saw as important in this area. We held focus groups to get the views of clubs of all sizes, and spoke to community partners and grant recipients to establish the social responsibility topics that were most important.

Then we worked with ClubsNSW to draft a comprehensive guide that addressed those priority topics. The guide includes tools and resources, and provides practical examples of clubs that are addressing their social responsibilities. The guide aims to help clubs work more effectively with their local communities and other stakeholders, to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. It will also help clubs better tell the ‘story’ of their contribution to the NSW community.

The guide was launched for clubs in April 2016.

As a result of this project, ClubsNSW aims to tell its ‘story’ through a public sustainability report.

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