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At the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, we’re proud of our strong links to international scholarship on CSR. In fact, it underpins much of our work.

The following books, papers and presentations on a variety of CSR topics, including CSR policy, stakeholder engagement, sustainability reporting and supply chain sustainability are by ACCSR and other internationally renowned experts.


Social Licence to Operate

Stakeholder engagement

  • Boutilier, Robert, Stakeholder Politics – Social Capital, Sustainable Development and the Corporation, Greenleaf Publishing, 2009.
    Written by ACCSR’s Senior International Associate, Dr Robert Boutilier, this book provides a new road-map for that dark and misty terrain called the ‘non-market environment’. It also lays out the method for the Stakeholder 360® that ACCSR has successfully used in over 30 stakeholder engagement projects to date.
  • Freeman, R.E., Harrison, J.S., and Wicks, A.C., Managing for Stakeholders – Survival, Reputation, and Success. Yale University Press, 2007.
    Three of the greatest living scholars in stakeholder management combine to produce this very accessible guide. Freeman is of course, the grand-daddy of stakeholder theory, bringing the term ‘stakeholder’ to prominence in his original book in 1984 titled ‘Stakeholder Management: A Strategic Approach’. This book sets out a framework and effective strategies for stakeholder management.

Corporate social responsibility and organisations

  • Visser, W., and Tolhurst, N. (Eds.), The World Guide to CSR: A Country-by country analysis of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Greenleaf, 2010.
    An essential reference guide for practitioners seeking comparable information on the practice of CSR in different countries and regions. It is easy to read, with loads of case studies and links. The Australian chapter is written by ACCSR’s Managing Director, Dr Leeora Black.
  • Crane, A., McWilliams, A., Matten, D., Moon, J., and Siegel, D.S. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility, Oxford University Press, 2008.
    An essential reference guide that introduces the reader to the key perspectives and thinkers in the field, from Europe and the USA. Useful for corporate libraries, researchers and speech writers. It is a brilliant overview of the field with enough depth to guide literature reviews, help formulate research questions or form the basis of a self-guided learning tour.



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August 2013

  • Sustainable supply chains and the fourth generation of GRI reporting guidelines
    La Trobe University, Melbourne
    ACCSR’s Jonathan Dutton presented on G4 reporting requirements and the long-term implications supply chain management. Jonathan spoke about common supply chain challenges and implications for organisations given increased stakeholder expectations for product traceability. ACCSR’s Managing Director, Dr Leeora Black also shared her insights on the G4 reforms, focusing on increased materiality, stakeholder engagement and supply chain visibility.
    Download Jonathan Dutton’s presentation
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May, 2013

  • Social Licence to Operate presentation
    International Association of Impact Assessment Conference, Calgary, Canada
    ACCSR’s Managing Director, Dr Leeora Black presented a case study of the Upper Hunter Mining Dialogue, to illustrate the importance of an often-neglected element of earning a social licence to operate. This presentation argues that to earn a social licence, companies need to move beyond community benefits and invest in their social contract by participating in regional economic and social development.
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November, 2012

  • Social Licence to Operate presentation
    The International Mine Management Conference, Melbourne
    ACCSR Managing Director, Dr Leeora Black, Senior International Associate Dr Robert Boutilier, and Dr Ian Thomson presented a paper, ‘From Metaphor to Management Tool – How the Social Licence to Operate can Stabilise the Socio-Political Environment for Business’, discussing the evolution and application of this measure of socio-political risk.
  • Transparency through reporting
    The Minerals Council of Australia Sustainable Development Conference
    ACCSR’s Senior Consultant, Rebecca Gunn presented on increasing transparency through reporting.
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  • Successful sustainability disclosure
    Materiality: beyond disclosure to strategy conference
    ACCSR’s Senior Consultant, Dr Sara Bice was a speaker at the second workshop in the Global Reporting Initiative’s Integrating Sustainability Workshop Series. Sara spoke about the challenges of successful sustainability disclosure, and how business integration of sustainability is reflected throughout materiality processes.
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