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Shared Value Success

On 19 and 20 July, 25 participants from a wide array of sectors attended ACCSR’s Unlocking Shared Value course, facilitated by international shared value guru Jonathon Hanks of Incite.

The course was a great success, and participants walked away equipped with the knowledge and tools to begin their Shared Value journey within their organisations.

A standout feature of the course was the practical approach to learning. Course content was accompanied by individual and group exercises where participants were encouraged to apply what was learnt to their organisations.

Many interesting discussions took place over the two days, as the group explored the societal issues that impact company competitiveness, how these issues can be reframed as growth opportunities and how barriers to Shared Value can be overcome.

Other topics that spurred debate were the readiness of companies to embrace Shared Value, the importance of and how to measure social impact and what it takes to develop a Shared Value culture.

A highlight of the course was using Incite’s Shared Value InnovatorTM card game to brainstorm and develop Shared Value projects. Twenty-one cards representing unique Shared Value innovation patterns (e.g. micro-financing, differential pricing, product reformulation) were dealt to the members of each table. In pairs, participants had to select one of their cards, come up with a Shared Value idea and pitch it to the group.

Ideas included a trading platform for mobile data to maximize efficiency and support poorer customers, an online platform to compare personal spending habits to one’s average demographic to encourage responsible spending, and provision of medical services to remote communities online.

Another valuable segment of the course was a detailed presentation and Q&A from Bendigo Bank about their community banking model. This successful Shared Value initiative arose out of a drawback of banking outlets in regional communities and has resulted in 320 community banks, 1500 local employees, 73 000 local shareholders and $165 million in profit reinvested in communities.

All in all, it was a fantastic two days filled with great discussions and learning. We wish all attendees and their companies the best of luck on their Shared Value journeys and thank Bendigo and Adelaide Bank for their hospitality.

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Jonathon Hanks discussing how a company’s business model ties into the value ecosystem

ACCSR’s Shared Value course


Participants brainstorming Shared Value initiatives with Incite’s Shared Value InnovatorTM card game

From left: Jason Dwyer, Jodie Thompson, David Tudor and Matt Smith from Bendigo and Adelaide Bank answer questions about the Bank’s community banking model

Unlocking Shared Value – an Interview with Jonathon Hanks

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