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Melbourne Uni releases draft Sustainability Charter

Melb Uni Sustainability Charter

The University of Melbourne’s draft Sustainability Charter has been released today for consultation with staff, students and the wider University community.

The Charter aims to outline the University’s sustainability principles while identifying a

set of key commitments across all organisational activities, from research and engagement to teaching and learning, operations and governance.

The final version of the Charter will bring together all of the University’s sustainability-related activities under one transparent framework. This will translate into priority actions in the University’s forthcoming Sustainability Plan for 2016-2020.

ACCSR is excited to see a leading university take such a progressive approach to stakeholder engagement. So often heavy impact industries are seen as the sustainability innovators. In fact, universities have a vital role to play by building the necessary intellectual and social capital to transition to a sustainable economy.

This project is a great example of stakeholder engagement. The university is fostering open dialogue at the outset of developing its sustainability approach. This sets a strong foundation for governance and transparency.

This is an evolving and exciting project for ACCSR to be part of. The charter is the first link in the chain that will comprise the University’s sustainability approach. It will be followed by the development of a sustainability plan and the University’s first sustainability report.  We’re delighted to support the University of Melbourne’s progress towards becoming an international exemplar for sustainability.

Join the conversation about the charter here.

Soraya Dean

 Soraya Dean is a Senior Consultant and the ACCSR project lead for this work.

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