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ACCSR Conference

Proponents of CSR have long argued that CSR brings benefits to both business and society. For business, the benefits are good reputation and the chance to avoid or minimise risks to business...

Plan B

Some argue that socially responsible investment began in Philadelphia in 1758 when the Quaker community prohibited members from participating in the slave trade. This integration of ethics in...

COP out

When someone states on arrival at Durban’s 17th Conference of Parties (COP17) that “we must be realistic about expectations for a breakthrough, or even for our success (…): a comprehensive and...

Can Mining Companies Do Sustainability?

By Jonathon Hanks, writing for Anglo American’s A Magazine. For many people the concept of mining companies being committed to sustainable development is a classic oxymoron. Not only is their...

Corporate Cultural Responsibility

As suggested in my previous blog From Social to Cultural Responsibility, I advocate increased cultural sensitivity and protection by organisations operating in close proximity to indigenous or...

Untangling CSR and similar concepts

Last week’s post on the social licence to operate led to a flurry of questions on this blog’s sister site on LinkedIn. Here’s a few more definitions to help untangle the differences between CSR,...

From Social to Cultural Responsibility

As an expatriate Englishman with an anthropological penchant, it is perhaps unsurprising that my interest is in the socio-cultural aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Recently, when...

Lessons from footy for CSR practitioners

Are standards of behaviour in football declining? If so, how should Clubs handle them? And can CSR practitioners learn anything from footy? Besides what we see in the news, a “List of Australian...

The critical role of education in CSR

Magalie is an Associate with the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) and a guest lecturer in Business & Society and Corporate Governance at the La Trobe University...