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Human Rights in Supply Chains: Promoting Positive Practice

ACCSR releases this report in a hallmark partnership with the Australian Rights Commission and the Global Compact Network Australia. The report combines seven years of ACCSR’s Review of the State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand annual research, with a national level survey of 90 Australian businesses, reporting on the state of practice in addressing human rights issues in their operations and supply chains.

Reclaiming materiality

Materiality can be a powerful way to target your sustainability efforts and to connect them to your business strategy. Or it can be a means to drive a myopic focus on compliance with a chosen reporting approach.

Which one is it for your organisation?

In our latest white paper, ACCSR sets out ways to help organisations get their ‘materiality mojo’ back. We point out common pitfalls in materiality assessment processes and provide useful guidance to broaden your focus and capture the issues that really are important.

A fresh approach to materiality can reinvigorate your corporate reporting and make your CSR efforts more meaningful.

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