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Sustainable Procurement and the Chain of Responsibility – Melbourne – 25 May, 2017

25 May 20179:00 am - 5:00 pm


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 This new one-day short course will explain the key aspects of modern procurement and supply side management, the techniques and strategies involved by procurement managers and offer practical ways, ideas and comparisons to help you get started on your responsible supply chain journey.

Consumers and stakeholders alike are now increasingly looking to organisations to offer product choices that are simultaneously better, faster and cheaper yet also greener, safer and more conscionable at the same time.

Consumers are voting with their wallet, shareholders at company AGMs and voters at the ballot box for fairer product options. Collectively, all stakeholders seem increasingly concerned not just about product quality but also their provenance – where they came from and how they got here?

Supply chains can be extensive and complex (especially to Australia) and end-customers’ influence is not always as high as they might want to believe. Yet, professional procurement by large companies and government can be an effective instrument of policy, build real value for money and help manage down risk substantially for stakeholders.

Balancing these sometimes competing aims within the context of improving your organisation’s CSR profile and GRI obligations is difficult but still quite possible when materiality is factored in.

The new ISO2040 standard on ‘Sustainable Procurement’ is due for publication early in 2017 www.iso.org and looks set to embrace most of the international initiatives on the supply side of business. It is likely to be a catalyst for more action on supply chains with organisations of all shapes and sizes under pressure to be more proactive.

This short course is ideal for managers of procurement and purchasing, CSR and sustainability.


Course facilitator:

Jonathan Dutton
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25 May 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
+613 9049 9500
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