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Integrated reporting, strategy and excellence in performance – Perth – 07 Jun, 2017

7 June 20179:00 am - 5:00 pm

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IIRC-approved training workshop hosted by ACCSR in partnership with Swiss-based global consulting group BSD 



Integrated Reporting is the next phase in the evolution of corporate reporting. The process that began with the need to report on sustainability (along with the traditional history of financial reporting) has now reached its next natural phase – linking financial performance to sustainable development.

Integrated Reporting is crucial in understanding and communicating the links between sustainability strategies and investment decisions. Overall, this leads to better decision making within an organisation, effective disclosures for investors and improved communication for an organisation’s stakeholders.

The workshop offers a strategic assessment of the complementarity of sustainability and financial reporting, common approaches to materiality and target audience (providers of financial capital), as well as emerging approaches to integration between financial and sustainability accounting internationally.

Course objectives:

  • understand the evolution and benefits of Integrated Reporting
  • understand the concept of value creation
  • understand how to communicate value creation and implement Integrated Reporting in an organisation from an operational perspective
  • learn how to prepare an Integrated Report.


Participants will be presented with:

  • the latest thinking on the implications of Integrated Thinking, how value creation can best be captured and communicated to financial stakeholders, and best practice in managing the reporting process
  • a comparative overview of the core requirements of the International <IR> Framework of the IIRC and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards
  • global trends in adapting annual reporting and reporting integration in the OECD as well as emerging markets
  • participation in interactive discussions, enabling reporting managers to consider ways of improvement and lessons from reporting experience around the world.


The workshop provides a platform to discuss current reporting trends and helps participants to answer questions such as:

  • What is integrated thinking and innovative, integrated business models, and why is it important? How does it connect with strategy and new corporate governance expectations?
  • What are trends in using the IIRC <IR> Framework and implications for our current reporting practices?
  • Considering international standards promoted by organisations such as the IIRC, GRI, CDP, and Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), what commonalities can be defined in terms of determining materiality?
  • How can the IIRC <IR> and GRI Standards be used in combination to support excellence in sustainability performance?


At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • apply the fundamental concepts of value creation, the capitals and the value creation process to an organisation
  • participate effectively as part of a team preparing an integrated report
  • participate effectively as part of a team planning and coordinating the implementation of Integrated Reporting, including integrated thinking, within an organisation.


This short course is for managers with responsibility for reporting in their organisations. This includes managers in the areas of social responsibility, sustainability, strategy, finance, investor relations, corporate affairs, communications, human resources, environmental management and risk management, among others.


People responsible for financial and non-financial reporting in organisations including preparing financial and sustainability reports are also encouraged to attend.


This brand new short course is not only a first for ACCSR but a first for Australia!


Participants in our Sydney and Melbourne courses said this:

“Most valuable was the discussion of materiality and the practical ideas for implementing <IR> in businesses.”

“The group work was most valuable, as it gave us a chance to put the theory into practice. It was also a great way to hear others opinions, and how it fit in their business contexts.”

“I liked the information on business model structure and all the supporting information to back up key points.”


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Course facilitator: Dr Leeora Black

Brought to you in partnership with BSD Consulting





7 June 2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
+613 9049 9500
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