Assessing the sustainability of your supply chain

Do your teams know what happens in your organisation’s supply chain? Do they know how to engage your sub-tier suppliers? Do they know how to measure and monitor practices?

Research has shown that organisations that experience major CSR-related supply chain shocks can suffer up to a 20% fall in share price, take up to two years to recover, with severe damage to reputation and the business bottom line.

Falsifying audit records, child and slave labour, fair pay, OH&S concerns and environmentally unsustainable practices. These are all risks potentially lurking within your supply chain.

This workshop is perfect for supply and procurement teams, and sustainability teams, who need to understand common supply chain risks related to CSR, GRI G4 supply chain requirements, and how to incorporate sustainability and CSR requirements into procurement practices.

What your team will learn:

  • Common supply chain risks related to CSR
  • Best practice in measuring and auditing supply chain
  • Why and how your supply chain should be reported
  • Effectively engage your organisation’s procurement and supply chain teams about CSR
  • Understand your supply chain and assess potential risks
  • Understand what metrics and other data you will need to report on

Half-day program, suitable for teams of six or more, enquire now!

Use our free Sustainable Supply Chain Tracker for a quick self-assessment.