Foundations in CSR

Leading companies transform their social and environmental impacts into sources of innovation and competitive advantage. But how do they do it? And which approach to CSR is best for your organisation?

“Very useful introduction to the theory of CSR.”
Philip Oswald, Manager, Corporate Responsibility, McMillan Shakespeare

This workshop provides an introduction to the concept of CSR and how it is practised globally. With extensive use of interesting case studies, discover how different approaches can be applied to your organisation to increase reputation, build employee engagement, reduce risk, and support product and service development.

What your team will learn:

  • Global trends influencing the changing relationship between business and society
  • The major approaches to organisational responsibility for non-financial matters, including corporate citizenship, sustainable development and creating shared value
  • Leading global frameworks, including UN Global Compact, Global Reporting Initiative and other standards
  • How these approaches overlap and diverge
  • How to make a better informed decision about the type of approach which will work best for your organisation

Half-day program, suitable for teams of six or more, enquire now!