Cut to the chase: Making it material

The key to producing a quality sustainability report is making it meaningful for your stakeholders. But how many organisations really understand what is relevant to stakeholders? And how do we balance stakeholder versus organisational perspectives?

The new Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 reporting framework places materiality front and centre. Other emerging frameworks, such as Integrated Reporting and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) also converge on the materiality principle as the foundation of good reporting.

This workshop will enable your team to assess and prioritise material issues for corporate reporting, strategy and business model appraisal and help them understand how these interact with your organisation’s ability to create, erode or preserve value.

What your team will learn:

  • Materiality – what it means for different reporting frameworks and why it is the guide for report content
  • How to create a sustainability report that will really be used by your stakeholders – moving beyond merely publishing data to tell your organisation’s story
  • Ways to identify and engage your stakeholders (including internally) to determine the material issues to report
  • Where to draw the line – a common sense approach to addressing risk and report boundary
  • How to engage with your corporate communications function and use the materiality principle to re-frame your communications strategy
  • Make informed decisions about reporting boundaries and material issues

Half-day program, suitable for teams of six or more, enquire now!