Assessing human rights in your supply chain: A hypothetical

Perfect for sporting organisations, sustainability, and procurement professionals.

Get your team thinking practically and working together. Gain valuable knowledge around the issues of human rights in the supply chain, including human rights obligations. Build skills in teamwork, analysis, and problem-solving.

The theme of this half-day interactive hypothetical is ‘The International Sporting Commission’ (ISC). In our hypothetical scenario, the ISC is one of the world’s most influential sports governing bodies. Every four years, it hosts a mega-sporting event that brings together national teams of athletes to complete for the much-prized ISCPICS Cup.

Participants will break into small groups that work with information on what happens during the planning for the mega-sporting event around key areas of bidding and planning, tendering, venue construction, procurement and running the event. After hearing the scenario, each group will take on a key role within the ISC, consider their CSR obligations, and present their case to the group.

The outcome? Participants will increase their understanding of human rights risk in your supply chain and be able to take practical steps to address them.

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