CSR Connect.ed

Our not-for-profit arm, building the profession

We established CSRConnect.ed as a not-for-profit organisation in 2013, to mark ACCSR’s 10th anniversary, after running CSRConnect.ed as a networking event since 2007. The aim of CSRConnect.ed is to contribute to the professionalisation and development of corporate social responsibility through educational and networking events, research and partnerships as well as participating in public policy debates. We also have a LinkedIn group, which is widely accessed by sustainability professionals.

The flagship project of CSRConnect.ed is our Annual Review State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand. This is the longest ongoing study into the CSR capabilities and performance of organisations in our region, providing unparalleled insight into practices and trends across the CSR landscape. Every year since 2008, the research has tracked organisational CSR priorities for the year ahead, tips to accelerate CSR progress, key lessons from leading companies and undeveloped opportunity areas. Download the research reports from our Research Report Library.