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Climate Change around the Bean Belt

An interesting piece released by The Climate Institute, in collaboration with Fairtrade NZ, a few days ago called out the risk posed by climate change to coffee farming around the world. Quickly leading me to ask – how much longer do I have to enjoy my morning cap with one, and my favourite espresso martini every other weekend?! Do I need to start hoarding these coffee beans that may quickly be worth more than their weight in gold if this trend continues?

If we are no longer arguing over the existence of climate change, and we have collectively agreed that this poses a threat to the people, our businesses and our nation, what are we doing about it?

I did some digging, and Climate Risk is increasingly being incorporated into business plans and growth strategies. Climate Risk (and associated mitigation practices) is something that many risk managers are beginning to wake up to. It is something that is being considered broadly by almost every industry at some level. An encouraging sign that climate change is accepted in the mainstream and we are now moving on to the phase of mitigation.

If you aren’t considering the implications of climate change for your business, you risk being left behind and footing the bill of massive damages to asset and investment losses.

If you’re interested in finding out more, how climate change may tangibly impact your operations or simply understand the theories behind the movement, we’d love to grab a coffee, and chat!


Climate Change Coffee



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