June 2015

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Himesha-JayasingheACCSR’s seventh Annual Review State of CSR in Australia and New Zealand examined the stages of CSR development in organisations and the role of the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

There are three stages of CSR development:

  • Initiators: Companies at earlier stages of CSR development, focused on compliance and managing negative environmental impacts.
  • Integrators: Those who are further along the journey, focused on achieving efficiencies and establishing internal systems and processes for CSR
  • Innovators: Organisations that are mature in CSR, focused on creating value through CSR for both organisations and their stakeholders.

Participants this year (more than 1,000!) showed striking differences depending on their organisations’ stage of CSR development: more mature organisations have higher CSR management capabilities, a greater ability to use CSR as a driver of innovation, more formalised mechanisms of CSR governance, and different priorities for the year ahead.