June 2013

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ian_newphotoAmong the OECD countries, Australia’s economy stands out.  It hardly noticed the global crisis of 2008/9 and has recorded continuous annual growth since 1991.  This success is very largely due to a robust mining sector, which collectively contributes almost 20% to GDP, and proximity to China where almost all of these mineral resources are consumed.  Coal and iron ore exports to China have been the most important commodities in terms of both volume and value.  Such remarkable, sustained economic performance has not been without some social stress. 

Philip_PaczynskiFor the 2013 Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting, the Global Reporting Initiative invited young people to participate in the Next Generation poster competition. Philip Paczynski was awarded for his powerful design and a clear message: “I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that. Then I realized I am that somebody”. His compelling address to the 1,600 delegates at the Conference’s Closing Plenary reminds us that “change starts with the individual. It is crucial to realise that we all can make a difference”…