March 2013

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[Originally published in The Newcastle Herald.]

Aled HoggettThe dialogue around mining and coal seam gas is distressing.

I live in a community looking down the barrel of a massive expansion of mining.

Holes will be bored and dug on the doorstep of our town, and in our farmers’ backyards.

Yet we are told by the state and by mining companies  the resources that could destroy our town are the property of NSW.

NikkiWrightVery few significant New Zealand businesses need to be convinced that adopting a strategy that ensures they have a positive operating impact for consumers, employees and other stakeholders, as well as the environment, is good business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept embraced in theory, even if its implementation can mean many and varied things from small acts of corporate philanthropy to an all encompassing CSR strategy.

Richard Parsons[Post originally published on the CSRConnect.ed LinkedIn Group]

Last week, Metgasco announced that it was suspending its coal seam gas (CSG) exploration activities in northern New South Wales. While this news disappointed some who were anticipating economic benefits, it has delighted the many activists who have been campaigning against CSG in the region. Indeed, they may see it as vindication of their sustained efforts. So, is this outcome an example of the power of social licence in action?

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