November 2012

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accsr-2443 Leeora Black
The social license to operate is a seductive concept, as it speaks to the business case for a community relations, a traditionally ‘soft’ part of corporate life.

The social license concept promises that companies can win community acceptance or approval, minimise risk and obtain access to resources such as land or a good reputation. All they need to do is act like good corporate citizens.

Sounds easy, right?

paul hohnen_DSC9163hr[Originally published in The Guardian Sustainable Business Blog.]

A recent international conference in France that I had the honour to chair provided a fascinating glimpse of how far Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) have come, and of their future potential.

For many professionals working in the sustainable development field, LCAs, tools that can be used to assess the environmental impacts of a product, process or service from design to disposal, are either seen as the vital DNA of sound sustainability decision-making, or a mud pit where techno-geeks wrestle it out – often inconclusively – over whose model better measures the real environmental footprint on a cradle to grave basis.