June 2012

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Sara BiceHow many of you represent your firms while overseas?

Picture this: You arrive excited and rested from your smooth flight to a country new to you, samples in hand, ready to meet prospective clients, open a new market for your firm, and be lauded upon your return. And then you arrive at the customs booth where the official tells you $200 must be paid to allow your samples into the country. You’re pretty sure this is incorrect. You’re also sure that if you don’t pay this guy, you’ll miss your long-awaited meeting with your new supplier and those homeward-bound G&Ts will be commiserative rather than celebratory.

It’s your move. Do you:

Sara BiceAh, 1992. While I was busy smelling like teen spirit, the adults were out making the world a better place.

With 178 national delegations, the election of 39 conference Vice-Presidents, over 1,400 officially accredited NGOs, unknown numbers of journalists and 30,000 individuals in attendance at the parallel Global Forum conference, Rio 1.0 set the standard for collective global work on sustainable development.